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how to plan for fence installation - introduction
wayside fence installation
We design and manufacture over 30 styles of PVC fencing with unlimited combinations to fit every taste and space, large or small.

Choose from a variety of combinations, matching gates, accents and arbors.

All styles are available in white, and select styles are also available in almond and gray.

Most panels are made to order, offering you the ability to complement your home’s landscaping and architectural design.

Many of the styles are available in a variety of configurations, as shown on the left.

With the City Line, you are limited only by your imagination.

Let’s have some fun!

FENCE CONFIGURATIONS - Diagram of the many configurations available
how to plan for fence installation - begin
step 01.
Fence design is limited only by your imagination. The best way to start is to look at other fences in your area, and to look through books and home magazines.

step 02.
There are many different types of fences: chain-link, panel, picket, ranch style, etc. And most of the installation techniques are very similar.

step 03.
Contact your city or residential association to find out if there are any restrictions on fence construction.

step 04.
Check your setbacks to see if you're allowed to build right up to the property line.

step 05.
Check for buried cables or pipes. Most utilities will come and mark these with spray paint if you request it.

step 06.
And make sure you know just where your property lines are. It's a good idea to have a surveyor stake the corners of your lot before you start.
wayside fence installation
step 07.
Create a sketch of the area you wish to install your fence. (see sample on the right as a guide)

step 08.
Establish all gate(s) and/or transition location.

step 09.
Determine number of sections; keep in mind that if a required section is less than 6', this will require the section to be trimmed. Example: 20' of fence will require 4 sections (4 sections x 6' = 24', 4' must be trimmed to accommodate installation).

step 10.
Determine the number of posts. Note - all gates must be installed with left and right gate posts only.

Enhance your design as you like by adding accessories such as scrolls, finials, ball caps, etc.