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how to plan for fence installation - layout
step 01.
Laying out your fence is pretty basic in theory. You stake out where your fence will go, and stretch a string between them. This will serve as your guideline for installing the posts.

step 02.
If your fence starts at your house or at another fence, you'll usually want to come off of it at a right angle. You can calculate this right angle using what's called the 3-4-5 method:
  1. First stake the spot where your fence will start. Tie a string to the stake and stretch it out roughly perpendicular to the house (or whatever you're working from).
  2. Measure out 4 feet out on the string and mark it.
  3. Mark a point on the house 3 feet away from the stake.
  4. Hold a tape measure diagonally between the three foot mark on the house and the four foot mark on the string, and move the string until the distance between the marks is exactly 5 feet.
  5. Tie down your string this spot. It is now exactly perpendicular to the house.
step 03.
Mark the position of the first post. Then measure out on the line to mark the rest of the posts along your section of fence.
wayside fence installation
wayside fence installation
step 04.
Your string should actually be the outside edge of the posts. So you'll have to measure in from the string for the center of the posts. Mark these with a stake, or a nail with a piece of ribbon so you can see them.

step 05.
When a fence runs down a hill you have two options: you can have the tops of the sections follow the slope of the hill or you can keep the fence sections level and step the fence down at each post.

step 06.
For a step-down fence, determine the height difference between the top of the hill and the bottom, and divide that number by the number of sections.

step 07.
This will be the amount to step the fence down at each post.
how to plan for fence installation - installation techniques
Fencing can be installed using several different methods. The following describes each method
wayside fence installation